OOAK fashion and repaint doll

by the french artist Corinne Thorner

of Créations COTHO


Pièce unique, poupée mannequin d'artiste

par l'artiste française Corinne Thorner

des Créations COTHO


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Série Peau d’Ane :La robe couleur du temps

“Peau d’Ane” Serie: “The Dress colour of time”.

  Inspired from “ Peau d.Ane”  Jacques Demy ‘s movie (from Charles Perrault’s tale) here are the splendid dresses that “Peau d.Ane” (starring Catherine Deneuve in the film) requests from  her father (Jean Marais) as a proof of his love.

The colour of the first dress  should be “colour of time”, of beautiful time of course !

This is an OOAK fashion doll. She is unique.

 Whenever  “Peau d.Ane” is moving, her dress looks as if it was cut  in a piece of sky,  the wind is ready to push away the clouds  so as to let us see some  more blue sky.

This wonderful dress is made from a graded blue  colour voile and  has ample  lined sleeves, raised up with a silver plated and blue jewel; its peak shape  blouse is decorated with a lace and silver plated and blue jewels,   its square shape neck-opening is enhanced with a silver plated thread galloon  and with silver plated and transparent pearls hand sewed. Its wide skirt is lined and forms a box pleat  in the back ; the border is silver plated too.

Her face is entirely repainted: she has graded brown eyes,   silky red lips and slightly coloured cheeks.

To finish up the dress, a nice pair of shoes and a  base.

She has her hair done with a low chignon,   and she wears a marvellous crown, hand made with rubble pearls and silver plated sticks.

 She has  silver plated rosette shape earrings with a blue pearl,  perfectly matching her clothes.



Peau d’Ane – Dress “colour of time” October 2000

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