OOAK fashion and repaint doll

by the french artist Corinne Thorner

of Créations COTHO


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Pièce unique, poupée mannequin d'artiste

par l'artiste française Corinne Thorner

des Créations COTHO


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« Soie et Dentelle »

Haute Couture Collection


"Blanc" Outfit.

 OOAK Ready-to-Wear outfit made for JAMIEshow and Tonner 16 inch Dolls.


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avec le mannequin Sydney Classic Elegance, Tonner*


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avec le mannequin Antoinette, Tonner*


 « Blanc» outfit.

This outfit is an amazing Haute Couture wedding dress.

The silk is original because of the three dimensional pattern and then decorated by glass beads and sequins embroidered by hand.

The fitted dress is closed on the back, little beads are sewed on the edge of the seam and the slit.

The dress is strapless, and a tulle goes around the shoulders.

A gorgeous see-through skirt goes over the dress, and let see the long dress.

It is made with an extraordinary Calais* lace with little flounces of tulle (Etablissement Lemaire*).

The skirt is held by a belt, and is removable! You can choose to put on your doll, or not!

A veil of the same tulle can be worn on the head, a ponytail, a bun, or over the skirt on the silk dress...

The outfit has also a bunch of flowers.

You have 3 Haute Couture outfit in 1!

Outfit with white shoes, bunch of floxers, earrings with cristal Swarovski* hearts.


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Photos by Creations Cotho



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