OOAK fashion and repaint doll

by the french artist Corinne Thorner

of Créations COTHO


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Pièce unique, poupée mannequin d'artiste

par l'artiste française Corinne Thorner

des Créations COTHO


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This doll is a repaint and fashion OOAK doll.

Beatrice is a creation realized for the 2016 Italian Doll Convention’s charity auction.

Spring is coming into Milano! It is time for Beatrice to take the sun outside!

Beatrice is wearing a very Haute Couture spring outfit.

She has black pants suit, and a blue silk top.

Her cape is made of natural silk, then lined by a blue silk.

It is entirely embroidered by hand with blue silk ribbons, blue threads, and tiny glass beads.

There are the same embroideries on the front and the sides of the pants.

The painting of her face is entirely erased and completely hand-made repainted with high quality acrylic paints.


Her curly hair are tied up by blue silk ribbon.


Beatrice has original spring shoes with blue ribbon. 

She has crystal earrings and a bag embellished by golden metal handles and a gold-plated Eiffel tower.



La poupée ne se déshabille pas.

La poupée d’origine est Barbie Silkstone, Mattel*


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